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Municipal Water District Communications


As the technology surrounding the way a district manages their water is upgraded, so does the need to reliably communicate with staff.  Service level increases have created larger agencies with more employees at different locales. Districts no longer are comfortable relying on telephone or radio service, they are looking for more robust solutions that leverage both IP and mobile capability.


How it Works

The main office houses an Eclipse HX-Delta matrix frame. Within the office, staff communicate via POTS lines, desktop panels and speaker stations. To reach staff at other buildings, a fiber run is made from an E-FIB-HX card in the frame to a switch in each respective building. Desktop panels can then be attached to the switch with 4-wire CAT5 cable. To leverage mobile capability, Agent-IC can be used on devices connected to a Wi-Fi router or 3G/LTE.



Featured Products used in this Application: