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Playing a Game of Ice Hockey with the HelixNet Beltpack (Video!)


Our Clear-Com team in the Canada office love to play ice hockey. But how are they supposed to play when they don't have a hockey puck? Our clever engineering team decided that our durable HelixNet Partyline beltpack would have to do. They put the rugged HelixNet digital beltpack to the test in a hockey game in freezing weather. The results? The HelixNet beltpack was still working in perfect condition after the game.

Fabricated from lightweight cast aluminum, the HelixNet beltpacks are extremely tough, just like our RS-700 Series analog partyline beltpacks. Have you seen the video where our RS-701 beltpack was run over by a Jeep and still worked great afterwards? If you haven't, check out that video also: RS-701 Run Over by a Jeep and Survives!