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Station-IC Virtual Client License Options


Clear-Com has recently released a new license option for Station-IC, a perpetual license hosted on Eclipse HX running version 13+.  The new license option compliments existing Station-IC time-based licenses.

NEW: Station-IC Perpetual Licenses
License hosted on the Intercom System

  • Specific to Eclipse
  • Perpetual. Major feature updates not included.
  • Not transferable between systems
  • Served upon connection: first-come, first-serve

Station-IC Client Hosted
License Hosted on Client Computer

  • Works on either Eclipse or LQ
  • Always includes latest feature version
  • Subscription Licenses are transferable
  • Client can be guaranteed a license

With the new license type users can choose to either have a perpetual license to a major feature version that is hosted on the Eclipse system or have a time-based license hosted on the Station-IC Virtual Client computer and always up to date with the latest features. The license types can even be used concurrently with temporary users or a user that must be guaranteed a license on time-base licenses and regular users on Perpetual licenses, the application will always use the Client Hosted license first.