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Tip for HelixNet Partyline - Menu locking HelixNet Beltpacks


Question:  I'm using HelixNet Partyline at our theater and I want to keep users from accessing the local beltpack menus to make unauthorized changes. Is this possible?

Answer:  The beltpacks can be menu locked. You need to access this feature from the HelixNet base station.

  1. Go to the Menu button and press it in to activate the displays in menu mode. From the leftmost display menu, scroll to “Administration” and highlight. 
  2. Then, from the 2nd leftmost display menu, scroll to “Beltpacks” and highlight.
  3. Next, from the 3rd leftmost display menu, scroll to “Menu Lock” and highlight.
  4. Last of all, from the rightmost display menu, select “Lock All” and highlight.  Then press in the scroll knob associated with this display.

The beltpack menus should now be locked. When the user presses the menu button, the OLED display on the beltpack should say “LOCKED” in inverted highlighted text. To unlock the menus, (again you must do this from the base station), use the rightmost display menu and select “Unlock All”.

Note:  As currently set up in v 1.1 firmware, the user can either LOCK or UNLOCK all the beltpacks on the powerline string.  It is not possible to menu LOCK or UNLOCK specific beltpacks on the powerline at this time.