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Retail Store Communications


There is a staggering amount of inventory in a big box store. Shelves need to be replenished, product stock is pulled or placed in upper-level racks, and most importantly, customers always have questions. Any given store cannot afford to have frustrated customers who can’t find what they are looking for. Deploying a wireless communication system with duplex (talk and listen at the same time) capabilities is key in taking care of a customer’s needs quickly and efficiently. Key employees who require high quality communications can benefit from a light weight, all-in-one headset with no wires to get tangled in equipment.


Application Notes

The DX410 is a 2-channel wireless system which runs on the 2.4GHz license-free band. With high quality 7kHz wideband audio, users in the retail space will be able to easily understand what is being communicated to them. The base station is a 1RU device with antenna’s connected to the rear of the chassis. To fully cover the retail space, a splitter can be added with a remote antenna kit. Longer cable lengths will contribute to dB loss so an amplifier (amplifier not to exceed 250 mw US and 100 mw globally) can be used to extend range. The DX410 can handle up to 15 users on the system. WH410 all-in-one headsets or BP410 beltpacks with headsets allow wireless users to roam anywhere in the RF coverage area.



Featured Products used in this Application: