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Train Track Maintenance and Safety


On an annual basis, millions of people rely on rail travel to get to work, to get to school, or to go on vacation. This extensive amount of rail travel takes a significant toll on the tracks the trains run on. Every day, teams of maintenance workers survey and repair tracks to keep trains efficiently moving and most importantly, to keep travelers safe. Specially designed maintenance cars measure and diagnose the integrity of a given track. Maintenance workers also walk the track to ensure any faults are recorded and rectified. High quality communication is a must to keep the maintenance workers safe. Speaker stations mounted on either side of the maintenance car keep workers who are close by abreast of any emergency details. Workers who need to venture further from the car use wireless beltpacks to communicate back to the car. Specially designed headsets wrap around the back of the head to allow the worker to wear a hardhat.


Application Notes

Onboard the maintenance car, an Arcadia Central Station is used to provide communication to the HKB-2X speaker stations fixed to each side of the car. The HMS-4X is connected to the DX-410 wireless base station with a 4-wire connection which allows HelixNet devices to communicate with the DX devices. Any of the workers can listen and speak to the driver inside the car with the speaker station or to team members wearing beltpacks who are farther away. Up to 15 BP410 beltpacks with under the helmet CC-70 headsets can be used on the system at a given time.



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