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Warehouse Delivery Communications


In any large scale jobsite where there are multiple employees doing multiple tasks, coordinating those individuals becomes critical to an efficient operation. When people don’t know what to do and don’t know where to go, processes break down quickly. Those process break downs will quickly cost your company money. A hybrid communication system leveraging wired speaker stations and bring-your-own mobile devices, centered by a mainstation with broad communication capabilities can keep everyone organized.


Application Notes

A dispatch manager at the warehouse mans an Arcadia® Central Station and directs the traffic around the job site. Using a HKB-2X speaker station at the main gate, dispatch can direct the truck driver to which building and door to deliver his trailer to. Prior to the truck getting there, communications using Agent-IC® have the team members already assigning a forklift and creating an inspection bay for the delivery. With Agent-IC, users can communicate point-to-point or in group communications with virtually any tablet or mobile phone over Wi-Fi or cellular service. HKB-2X stations can be placed inside and outside at areas with higher volumes of employees.



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