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Warehouse Fulfillment (Social Distancing)


Large warehouses where order fulfillment takes place can be extremely loud. Forklifts, picking robots, conveyor belts and machinery can reach up to 100 dB. Workers who are asked to spend hours in this environment need dependable communications equipment to ensure safety, security and now social distancing. Wireless systems delivering a high level of audio quality become a necessity when it comes to clarity and managing aural fatigue. The benefits of a quality wireless system are many -

  • Say It, Don't Spray It. Workers don't have to yell or crowd each other to try to understand what the other is saying in loud facilities. They are able to maintain distance and safely conduct their jobs.
  • The system gives the users the ability to clearly communicate to a large group of team members about a contamination issue or emergency.
  • Limit the area where a worker needs to travel within the facility. Eliminate employees walking around looking for supervisors to get verbal approval for production issues, work-arounds or advice. It all can be done over wireless - and without large scale movement.
  • Hands-free, duplex communication between users keeps people safe.
  • The ability to wear devices of varying form factor to fit communication needs based on position or job function increases efficiency and safety.


Application Notes

The Clear-Com DX410 system functions on a 2.4 GHz band and uses an adaptive frequency-hopping mode to avoid interference from Wi-Fi. With up to 15 endpoints, the system can provide communication access to a large group of users. BP410 beltpacks connect to a range of headsets, including under helmet, to match the needs of the end user. The WH410 All-in-One headset eliminates any wires or cables which could be a hazard around moving equipment. The system is extremely easy to configure and can be up and running in a matter of minutes.



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