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LQ Series: Bring the power and flexibility of IP to your intercom system.

FreeSpeak Edge works in the 5GHz bandwidth – beyond what you know about wireless intercom. It extends the entire FreeSpeak™ range, giving you the freedom to think bigger.

Clear Communications

Best-in-class audio: full 12 kHz audio quality with ultra low latency.

Works Anywhere

Designed to work in even the most challenging venues and high multipath environments, utilizing the 5GHz band and Clear-Com’s exclusive RF technology.

Take Control

A state-of-the-art new beltpack design offers nine user-configurable buttons to accommodate the most granular communication needs and an advanced transceiver designed with external antennas for custom RF zones.


The technology can accommodate the largest productions, and can be combined with FreeSpeak II© systems for the utmost in scalability.

Reliable & Robust

Boasting the reliable and robust capabilities of the FreeSpeak Family, FreeSpeak Edge is built to withstand the rigors of real-world use in the most challenging productions.

Learn More About FreeSpeak Edge

Step to the Edge

FreeSpeak Edge Beltpack

FreeSpeak Edge Beltpack

Ergonomically designed and fully customizable with asymetric concave and convex buttons for easy identification and features a full color display.

FreeSpeak Edge Beltpack & Transceiver

FreeSpeak Edge Wireless System

Built from the ground up, FreeSpeak Edge is the world’s most advanced wireless intercom giving you the freedom to think bigger.

FreeSpeak Edge Transceiver

FreeSpeak Edge Transceiver

Advanced antenna design and exclusive Clear-Com RF technology provide a robust transport layer that ensures signal strength and is designed to work in high multipath environments.