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Wireless Communications

Wireless Communications

Certain applications require the ability to move from location to location without being physically tethered to a cabled system. Clear-Com’s wireless product lines provide 1, 2, or 5 channels of intercom on multiple bandwidths from various types of base stations. And unlike push-to-talk radios or walkie-talkies, Clear-Com wireless systems can provide headset audio that is full-duplex and hands-free with superior audio quality. Clear-Com wireless intercoms can interface to any Clear-Com wired intercom system, allowing both the freedom of mobility and multi-channel station-based communication.

The selection of a wireless system is often based on a combination of decision considerations; system requirements, workflow, size of coverage, location of users, number of user end points, number of separate talk channels, and budget.

Managed Systems

Managed Systems are ideal for slightly larger deployments that require a high degree of flexibility and programmability for controlling complex audio flow within the system. All setup for the connected systems and end-point devices such as audio routes, user member grouping, volume levels, user labeling, etc. are managed in the configuration software that comes with the system.

FreeSpeak II Digital Wireless

FreeSpeak II is a distributed wireless solution that operates in multiple world-wide license-free frequency bands: 1.897-1.933GHz and 2.4GHz. This high-performance wireless intercom system is designed for extensive communication in large-scale operations. Its ability to maintain a strong and continuous wireless connection across an expansive coverage area while providing crystal-clear digital audio makes FreeSpeak II the ideal wireless roaming solution for military and government applications.

Use case scenarios include clean-rooms and satellite assembly/test environments, Training & Simulation, Test & Evaluation, Flight Line Operations, Hazardous Material handling and Unmanned Systems support work.

Agent-IC Mobile App

When your core intercom user group needs to include remote users away from the main facility, providing additional communication access could be a challenge and cost-prohibitive.

Agent-IC mobile applications provides you with a cost-effective and fast-to-deploy solution that supplements traditional intercom systems such as the Eclipse HX digital matrix, Encore analog partyline and HelixNet digital partyline intercom systems. Agent-IC apps operate on smart devices over 3G, 4G, LTE and WiFi networks.

Unmanaged Systems

An unmanaged system is a basic plug-and-play system whereby end-point devices are hardwired to the central system. Those connections determine users access levels in the system. No configuration software is available or needed with an unmanaged system.

DX410 Digital Wireless

The DX410 system provides a reliable high definition 7kHz wireless audio experience combined with incredible value. This two-channel wireless intercom system features wideband audio technology, 2-wire and 4-wire bridging, and 2-wire auto-nulling for fast integration with Clear-Com wired systems.

The DX410 exceeds when conducting operations in smaller venues with competing 2.4GHz devices. The system uses a frequency hopping system (FHSS) and offers spectrum-friendly and Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) modes, to avoid interference.

Use case scenarios include clean-rooms and satellite assembly/test environments, Test & Evaluation, Hazardous Material handling.

DX340ES Digital Wireless

The DX340ES system supports hands-free, two-way digital conversations with interfacing for two channels of external radio or intercom communications. Its compact design makes it highly portable and a perfect fit for field exercises where wireless communication is required.

Special features include two-channel operation, 4-wire audio interfaces, wideband 7kHz audio, lost packet concealment, and improved out of band RF filtering for reduced interference. With multi-channel support and relay closures, the DX340ES can also support outdoor satellite assembly/test environments, Test & Evaluation, Hazardous Material handling.

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