700-37-03 (30-Button) (Last Time Buy)

700-37-03 (30-Button) (Last Time Buy)

  • 30-Button Touchscreen IP 2RU Panel
  • Compatible for Gemini Matrix Intercom
  • 4 display touchscreens
  • Hi-resolution color displays
  • 8-character alpha-numeric displays
  • Independent gain control per channel
  • Last caller audio replay
  • Telephone dial mode
  • Comprehensive system menu and user configuration
  • 2 x GPI-In / 2 x GPI-Out
  • Connection via LAN

Item Part Number:
  • 700-37-03

Technical Specifications

Touchscreen Keys
30 fully-programmable (30 more via shift function)
8-character touch zone per key
Suitable Headset
Dynamic or Electret microphone and low impedance earpiece
280mm fixed gooseneck
20VA (85-264VAC) IEC mains connector
Matrix Interface, expansion Ethernet RJ45 15 pin D type GPI/O 15 pin D type
XLR5 Audio I/O
485mm wide x 88.9mm high x 80mm deep (approx. including PSU and mating connectors). 19” x 2RU rack mounting
Mains Input
90 – 250 V ac, 50-60Hz
Current Consumption
150mA @ 90V, 50mA @ 250V

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