• Single-ear, around-the-ear headset
  • Foam earpad
  • Dynamic noise cancelling microphone
  • Excellent frequency response
  • Accurate voice pick-up
  • Fitted with a 4 Pin Female XLR connector
Item Part Number:
  • CC-27

Technical Specifications


Single Ear Headset
Open Ear Phone
Weight: 30g
Foam Earpads
Dynamic Microphone
Impedance Mic/Earpiece: 200ohms/90ohms

Spares Part and Description

CC-27-CUS         CC-27 Replacement Ear Cushion
CC-27-CUS10     CC-27 pack of 10 Replacement Ear cushions
CC-27-CUS25     CC-27 pack of 25 Replacement Ear cushions

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