CCM™ for HelixNet

CCM™ for HelixNet

Browser-based Configuration Manager Interface

  • Supports latest versions of all major web browsers
  • Common look and feel across HelixNet, LQ Series and FreeSpeak II systems
  • Configuration for any device within Link-Group
  • Multiple administrator monitoring and configuration of Link-Group
  • Overview of all system components and interfaces on a single page
  • Dark theme for low-light environments
  • Password protected
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The Core Configuration Manager (CCM) interface provides an intuitive software utility on any browser-enabled platform with a common look and feel across LQ Series, HelixNet and FreeSpeak II systems. The intuitive and consistent design facilitates a quick and simple means of configuring any device in a Link-Group, including role-based configuration of endpoints, account management (Agent-IC, SIP and IVC-32-HX), save and restore, and live monitoring of all system components.

Technical Specifications

Supported Browsers (latest versions)

Safari (MacOS and iOS)
Internet Explorer

Application Interface

Web Sockets

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