HCI Host Control Interface

HCI Host Control Interface

Eclipse HX Host Control Interface (HCI)

  • Well established with proven operation with multiple third-party Automation Systems
  • Rich feature set and UI control enable hybrid control systems
  • Developers can use their preferred tools and platform
  • Enables Eclipse® HX panels to become a control surface
  • Reduce device count by adding control to Panels
  • Control by third-party Automation systems
  • HCI drivers available for popular automation platforms (VSM, BNCS, Tallyman, Cerebrum)
  • Identical protocol used by Clear-Com’s Dynam-EC™ and supported by team of experienced software engineers
  • Controlled access to any intercom panel’s control surface
  • Custom Integration project support unlimited use cases
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Eclipse HX Host Control Interface (HCI) is an open protocol, which allows a third-party computer or automation system to control an Eclipse HX matrix. The HCI protocol is platform agnostic allowing applications to be developed in a wide variety of programming languages (C#, C, Python) and on a range of operating systems (Linux, MS Window, iOS, Android).

Technical Specifications

Operating Systems

Windows 10

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2016


8GB for standard systems

16MB for large networked systems, servers, and heavily used Dynam-EC clients


Intel i7 10th generation or equivalent


Dedicated GPU for large network systems

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