V-Series Iris 12-key 1RU Rotary Expansion Panel

  • Color OLEDs for quick and easy key differentiation
  • AES67 low latency audio IP connections to Eclipse HX matrix frames via E-IPA-HX card
  • Individual key menus help ease of use and assignment
  • Individual rotary audio level controls for personal mixes
  • Fast key assign from pre-defined scroll lists
  • Optional repositioning of Reply key
  • Optional additional Reply key for busy positions
  • Vertical font display option
  • International 10-character alpha-numeric fonts: Cyrillic, Hangul, Kanji, Katakana and Arabic
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for audio routing, Dynamics, IFB routing and local loudpseaker dimming
  • Built-in Interfaces: Matrix (direct connect), Matrix (Ethernet/IP), GPIO, Aux Audio, 2nd Headset
  • Multi-channel Matrix Connections: Direct connect (1 main + 2 aux), IP (3 channels)
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The V-Series Iris Rotary Panels are user control panels that operate in conjunction with Eclipse HX Digital Matrix Systems. Rotary panels feature one display window per “key” and have two individual controls for the same display; a rotary encoder for level control with a pushbutton switch feature for Listen (push on/off) and separate pushbutton for Talk (push on/off). Each control offers discrete LED tally indication; red for Talk and green for Listen.

Technical Specifications

Front Panel Controls & Connectors
Talk/Listen Switches: 12 (Expansion)

Rear Panel Connectors
Host Panel: RJ45

Operating: +32º – +113º F (0º – +45º C)
Storage: +32º – +150º F (0º – +70º C)
Humidity: Between 20% and 90%, Non-Condensing

19 x 1.76 x 6.51in (WxHxD)
(483 x 44 x 165mm)

3.6lbs (1.63kg)

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