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Station-IC Virtual Desktop Client is a Mac- and Windows-based software application that connects to Clear-Com’s Eclipse® HX Digital Matrix and the LQ® Series of IP interface devices.

Try it out today!

Try out Station-IC for yourself by registering to download the software, and use it in demo mode. Station-IC runs on Windows and MacOS. After registering, you will receive an email with a link to download the software.


Flexible and Easy-to-Use
Agent-IC users will be familiar with the interface, with the additional benefit of an always-on-top compact mode for user-defined favorite keys.
Fully Integrated with Eclipse HX and LQ
Integrates with a main intercom system, connecting your desktop with a wide range of endpoints. Currently works with Eclipse-based systems and LQ-based systems.
Complete Intercom Functionality
Provides access to IFBs, conference partylines and point-to-point calls along with a dedicated Reply Key.
Flexible Licensing Options
Clear-Com offers both annual Subscription licenses as well as shorter-term Event licenses, ensuring a cost-effective solution for all situations.


Watch our training videos to get started with Station-IC.
Station-IC: Activating and Re-hosting Licenses
Station-IC: User Login
Station-IC: Operations Overview

Go Mobile with Agent-IC Mobile App

Clear-Com’s Agent-IC® mobile app connects your Android or iOS phone or tablet over 4G/5G/LTE or WiFi. Download app from the Apple Store or Google Playstore today!