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Clear-Com's Tech Magic Elevates Chatter at the David H. Koch Theater


ALAMEDA, USA – June 25, 2024 – The iconic David H. Koch Theater, nestled in the heart of Lincoln Center and renowned for its dedication to dance, has recently undergone a transformative technological upgrade. In a collaborative effort with Clear-Com®, the theater has revamped its wireless intercom, and installed all new panels to enhance communication efficiency.

Originally constructed in 1964 as the New York State Theater, the venue was designed by the esteemed architect Philip Johnson. Over the years, it has played a pivotal role in the cultural landscape of New York, serving as the home to the New York City Ballet and hosting various other theatrical performances, including classic Broadway musical revivals. Most recently, the 2024 Tony Awards were held at the theater, utilizing Clear-Com's advanced communication systems to ensure a smooth and successful event.

Philanthropist David H. Koch's $100 million pledge in 2008 funded extensive renovations, leading to the theater's renaming. The 2008/2009 renovation included the introduction of the Clear-Com Eclipse® HX digital matrix system, marking a significant upgrade in the theater's communication infrastructure. 

In 2024, Clear-Com executed another critical system upgrade, vital for the New York City Ballet and other touring companies relying on seamless communication. The upgrade involved the installation of new Eclipse HX digital matrix intercom panels, FreeSpeak II® wireless intercom transceivers, and base stations integrated with the latest firmware. These components are interconnected through a robust IP-based network, significantly enhancing the theater's communication capabilities.

The Eclipse HX digital matrix system serves as the central hub, connecting various wired and wireless devices across the theater. FreeSpeak II transceivers provide reliable wireless coverage, ensuring uninterrupted communication for crew members. The LQ® Series IP Interfaces were instrumental during The Tony Awards, acting as mediators between the production's communication system and the theater's existing infrastructure. This setup allowed the crew to utilize the in-house IP network, eliminating the need to run hundreds of feet of cable, thereby streamlining the entire operation.

"We are delighted to support the David H. Koch Theater's journey towards technological excellence. The upgraded communication system not only fulfills current demands but also positions the theater for sustained future success," commented Donald Wood, audio engineer at the David H. Koch Theater.

Clear-Com remains committed to advancing communication technology within the entertainment industry, delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance performance experiences for artists and production teams alike.