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Hamilton Associate Sound Designer Joins Clear-Com to Discuss IP Intercom at ABTT Theatre Show 2019



Session will cover transitioning from analog to digital and IP-based intercom for theatrical productions

Clear-Com®, the provider of professional real-time communications solutions, will share its theatrical IP intercom expertise alongside Jason Crystal, Associate Sound Designer for Hamilton, at a special conference session during the ABTT Theatre Show 2019, held at Alexandra Palace, London on June 5-6, 2019.

The session on Wednesday, June 5, at 13.30pm will see Clear-Com’s Vinnie Macri in conversation with Jason Crystal, discussing the benefits of IP-based intercom systems, the transition process from analog to digital intercom, and best practices for implementation.

The multi-award-winning musical phenomenon Hamilton uses  a digital Clear-Com intercom system, featuring the HelixNet digital network system, FreeSpeak II digital wireless system, and LQ Series IP devices, on its permanent global theater installations and touring productions to enable clear and immediate communication between key members of the production teams.

Crystal will reveal how the Clear-Com system plays a major role in keeping this complex show running smoothly for every performance and will answer questions from the audience.

“The benefits of transitioning to IP-based intercoms for theatrical productions are myriad, from improved audio clarity and freedom to roam, to a streamlined cable infrastructure and simplified system configuration.” said Macri, Market Outreach Manager for Clear-Com. “FreeSpeak II is widely acknowledged as the leader in wireless intercoms, and combined with the power and flexibility of HelixNet and LQ, Jason has developed a system for Hamilton that is a powerhouse case study of what is possible with today’s intercom solutions.”

A range of Clear-Com’s wireless, digital and IP-based intercom solutions will be available for demonstration on Booth M5 at ABTT Theatre Show 2019.