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Large Sports Arena


Most modern arenas now come with huge video screens placed in areas where fans can see the action. Many of these screens are attached to a stalactite-like structure hanging from the center of the arena ceiling. The fan experience is incredible as all they need to do is look up to see a close-up of the action. All these angles make for a terrific communication environment for Clear-Com’s new wireless communication system.


How It Works

FreeSpeak Edge™ uses the 5 GHz band to carry audio between transceivers and beltpacks. The audio is propagated through the reflection of the signal off of all those odd angles common in large arenas. This makes for precise, low-latent audio communication throughout the arena.


Application Notes

The FreeSpeak Edge system runs off an Eclipse® HX matrix frame running EHX-12 with an E-IPA card. Transceivers are IP capable and can be run directly off the frame or via a PoE 1GB switch. Channels within the 5 GHz band are assigned specifically to the FreeSpeak Edge system to allow for complete wireless reliability and kept free of any Wi-Fi interference. Based on the system’s site survey, transceivers are placed strategically around the arena for best coverage. Up to 10 beltpacks per transceiver can be used with a total upward limit of 64 transceivers and beltpacks. An Encore® analog partyline system is added to the set-up for users who are in stationary positions around the arena or in the media boxes.



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