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Integrated Communication System (ICS) for Large Vessels


It is essential for large ocean-going vessels to have a highly integrated system that provides seamless communications from fixed voice terminals and mobile devices throughout a vessel, along with integration between onboard broadcast, alarms and other associated systems. A flexible VoIP-based solution brings together all on-board communications equipment with intuitive user terminals enabling access to internal and external voice communications. The system is modular and scalable allowing it to be configured to meet the communications requirements for vessels of all types and sizes. Mobile communications on board give operators wireless access to the same internal and external voice channels as those available at fixed terminals. Live monitoring and multi-track playback capabilities can be color-coded to easily show channel and conduct analysis of communication flows.


Application Notes

Three Mercury Interface Units (MIU) sit in the middle of multiple communication endpoints. The MIUs tie IP communications together with 2 and 4-wire systems to create the vessel’s comprehensive communication system. Marine radio comms are brought into one MIU via a 4-wire connection - audio is then shared through secondary MIUs to connect crew members using speaker stations, desktop and rack mount panels. SIP telephony is also available to give IP based desk or deck phones communication with any crew member using the system. A FreeSpeak II base station gives mobile crew members the ability to move around the ship’s RF coverage area and wirelessly communicate with any endpoint as well.



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