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TW Partyline Systems for Small Production


There is always a tremendous need for a simple, inexpensive two-channel analog communications system that can connect multiple users working on a small production. This applies to schools, local theater, local television or any scenario where a team of people need to communicate together to achieve a common goal. With minimal technical expertise and training, a user can quickly connect devices, power it up and basically press a button and start talking.


Clear-Com TW Standalone System

The TWC-703 converter can also be used with a separately purchased external PSU power supply*. This allows the converter to be used individually as a standalone system requiring no connection back to an Encore main station. The injected TWC-703 provides 550mA to power roughly 12 RS-703 beltpacks with auto-termination. A 12 beltpack dual-channel TW partyline system provides substantial communication capability to manage various live or recorded productions.

*Optional 453G23 PSU (not included)