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Multi-Role Vessel Empowers Safety for Critical Operations


A versatile, global offshore vessel, equipped with air and saturation diving capabilities and ROV, performs drilling support and subsea construction of oil production platforms. In addition to connecting tie-back cables and installing risers, divers cut pipelines and inspect the seabed. These divers are transferred to their work site by the diving bell chamber, which is supplied with breathing gas, electricity, hot water, and means of communication through an umbilical. Post-dive operations often include decompression or recovery time spent inside hyperbaric chambers, where there is the need for wireless systems that can withstand the pressure. For treacherous deepwater inspections, the crew will often use a launch and recovery system (LARS) to deploy and retrieve the ROVs, which are equipped with cameras, lighting systems and manipulators. High performance intercom systems are essential to significantly reduce dangers arising from these difficult responsibilities.


Application Notes

The Local Area Network on a highly sophisticated research vessel is something a communications engineer can take advantage of. An Arcadia Central Station is connected to a network switch which in turn can carry IP audio to endpoints throughout the ship. Desktop HKB speaker stations are placed on the bridge, in crew’s quarters, conference rooms and anywhere else comms are needed. Through an LQ IP interface device, HelixNet is connected to a FreeSpeak II wireless system. Using a splitter, up to ten FreeSpeak Transceivers can be distributed over required coverage areas. Crew who need to move around untethered such as deckhands, crane operators, engineers and even the scientific team can stay wirelessly connected to any communications endpoint.   



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