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Shipping Port Communications


Some of the largest seagoing vessels in the world are container ships. With a finite number of shipping ports that can accommodate ships of this size, the waters in a surrounding harbor can get extremely busy. The juggling of vessel traffic by port officials, along with the organization of crane operations and trucking all take next level IP communications to ensure safety and efficiency. A system utilizing both wired speaker stations and mobile devices, driven by a main station in a control room provide the necessary capabilities to keep everyone inline.


Application Notes

Port traffic managers work from a control room to direct container ships to specific crane locations. The control room is outfitted with multiple Arcadia Central Stations and LQ® Series IP interfaces. This allows multiple managers to individually communicate to vessels, tugs, truck dispatch and cranes. HKB-2X speaker stations are installed in stationary areas such as cranes and the Agent-IC® mobile app is used for anyone on the move. The mobile app can be used on most iOS and Android devices using either cellular or Wi-Fi systems. It’s a excellent solution for users who are in port and need quality communications for a few days.



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