CCM™ for FreeSpeak Edge

CCM™ for FreeSpeak Edge

Browser-based Configuration Tool

  • Supports latest versions of all major web browsers
  • Multiple administrator monitoring
  • System global health status page
  • Diagnostics logs
  • Password protected
  • PGM (input only) and Stage Announce (Output only & default relay 1) can be added to Channels, Group or Directs
  • 100 channels and groups
  • Text messaging to connected users
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FreeSpeak Edge

The Core Configuration Manager (CCM) for the FreeSpeak Edge® Base Station has an intuitive user interface with a consistent design for a quick and simple means of configuring the base station with role-based beltpacks, including save and restore, text messaging, individual beltpack and group call signal and remote mic kill.

Technical Specifications

Supported Browsers (latest versions)

Safari (MacOS and iOS)
Microsoft Edge

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