E-IPA-HX Interface Card

  • Available in 16, 32, 48, and 64 port cards (16 port upgrades)
  • Software definable port configuration to support multiple IP connection and standards 
  • Supports up to 64 IP ports (endpoint connections) and additionally up to 64 FreeSpeak IP Transceivers 
  • Compatible with Eclipse HX-Delta Lite, -Delta, -Median and –Omega frames
  • Supports connection to V-Series and V-Series Iris panels, Agent-IC mobile app, Station-IC Workstation App, FreeSpeak II wireless beltpacks, and LQ Series devices 
  • Remote I.V. Core connection to V-Series and V-Series Iris panels providing intercom and 2 auxiliary audio channels 
  • AES67-based connection to V-Series Iris panels providing intercom and 2 auxiliary audio channels 
  • AES128 encryption and silence suppression on all Agent-IC clients (not available in certain countries)
  • Max of 3 E-IPA cards in an Eclipse HX-Delta, max of 4 in -Median, and max of 5 in -Omega frames 
  • SMPTE ST2110/AES67 connection to third-party devices; available in bundles of 8 port licenses 
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E-IPA-U16-HX: 16-port license upgrade

E-IPA-AoIP-Add-8-HX: Add 8 E-IPA SMPTE/AES67 ports license

E-IPA-AoIP-Add-16-HX: Add 16 E-IPA SMPTE/AES67 ports license

E-IPA-AoIP-Add-32-HX: Add 32 E-IPA SMPTE/AES67 ports license

E-IPA-AoIP-Add-48-HX: Add 48 E-IPA SMPTE/AES67 ports license

E-IPA-AoIP-Add-64-HX: Add 64 E-IPA SMPTE/AES67 ports license

The E-IPA-HX is a high density IP interface card that supports up to 64 Clear-Com intercom devices. The interface card can be used with the Eclipse HX-Delta Lite, HX-Delta, HX-Median, and HX-Omega matrix frames. Eclipse HX Configuration Software (EHX™) configures each port for its intended application and provides a dedicated IP Manager screen to monitor connections and add users. The E-IPA-HX card also supports SMPTE ST2110 and AES67 connectivity.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Cards Per Frame: 1 for -Delta Lite, 3 for -Delta, 4 for -Median and 5 for -Omega
Ports Per Card: 16, 32, 48, or 64
Physical LAN:
4x 100/1000BASE-T Full-Duplex Ethernet
(auto-negotiation not supported) 2x 1G SFP fiber

I.V. Core Interfaces
Protocols: Clear-Com I.V. Core
CODEC: G.722 @ 16khHz sample rate
IP addressing: Static and DHCP
Network compatibility:
Layer 1, Layer 2 and Layer 3, LAN , WAN, and VPN infrastructure. Routable via 3G, 4G, LTE data services
Firewall: One open port required (configurable)
Quality of Service: TOS set for Priority Immediate and Critical
Minimum Network bandwidth required: 140kb/s per each direction (I.V. Core)

AoIP Interfaces
SMPTE 2110-10
SMPTE 2110-30
– Conformance level A (TX 1 to 4 ch, RX 1 to 8 ch)
– Conformance level B (TX 1 to 4, RX 1 to 8 ch)
– Packet time for Card (1ms or 125us)
Audio Sampling: 24 bit Linear 48KHz (by default)
IP Addressing: Static, mDNS & DHCP
Network compatibility: Layer 2 & 3 LAN only
Quality of Service: DiffServ RFC2474
Multicast: On (AoIP)
Network Timing: PTP v2(AoIP)
Minimum Network bandwidth required
Perduplex connection: 11Mb/s

(front and rear cards combined)
Min: +3.3V 4.75A
Max: +20.3V 5.7A

Operating Temperature:
+32º to +104ºF (0º to +40ºC)
Storage Temperature:
-67º to +158ºF (-55º to +70ºC)
Humidity: 40 – 90%, non-condensing

Front Panel:
0.78 x 10.44 x 12.99in (WxHxD)
(20 x 265 x 330mm)
Rear Panel:
0.78 x 10.44 x 3.79in (WxHxD)
(20 x 265 x 96mm)

Front Card: 1.64lbs (0.75kg)
Rear Card: 9.2oz (0.26kg)

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