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Theme Park Network Operations Center Communication


Theme parks are an incredibly busy environment with scores of people looking to experience the latest rides. Each ride cycles passengers through a busy circuit of queue lines, passenger entry, the ride, and passenger exit. Accountability of all passengers at each ride segment requires a dependable communications system that staff won’t think twice about.


How It Works

Many theme parks deploy a Network Operations Center (NOC) which houses much of their telecommunications equipment. In this diagram, NOC racks house a HelixNet HMS-4X main station and a redundant spare for each ride. The main station is connected to a local managed PoE switch, which in turn is connected to a PoE switch at the ride’s locale. HKB-2X wall plates, HKB-2X in S-Mounts, and HXII-BP beltpacks with headsets are all connected to the switch. Through the two switches, all staff are able to communicate with each other via the connected main station.



Featured Products used in this Application:


*HMS-4X is a legacy product starting 2022. The Arcadia® Central Station can be used in place of the HMS-4X.