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Brazilian Video Assistant Referee (VAR)


As all witnessed in the most recent World Cup, the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system worked extremely well when validating or reversing calls made on the field of play. Anyone associated with a competitive sport is interested in ensuring that the right calls are made during the course a game. Especially when the outcomes of those games can be affected by the call.


How It Works

At each stadium, an Encore analog partyline system connects the main VAR referee to video assistants in the booth and referees on the field of play. The VAR referee listens to the all those involved in the foul call to determine a ruling. When the correct call is decided upon, the VAR referee shares it with the on-field referee who announces the decision. The plan is to eventually have officials at the head office in Rio also partake in the decision process. The head office will house an Eclipse matrix frame which will be connected to each stadium via an LQ Series box located at each stadium.



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