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Performance Center Communications – Arcadia Central Station


A Performance Center can be a somewhat sprawling facility. They typically have multiple theatres, multiple dressing rooms, a carpentry area and additional box office and administrative space. A communication system for a facility like this would seem to require starting with a significant piece of communications equipment, but that’s actually not the case. Arcadia Central Station is a 1RU device that supports over 100 beltpacks from all three FreeSpeak frequency bands and HelixNet digital partyline. An additional 64 ports of Dante and AES67 can be added through a flexible port licensing system. The device also houses 2-wire and 4-wire ports to add analog intercom equipment and third-party devices. This scalability makes covering the entire Performance Center with a single device a reality.


Application Notes

The Arcadia Central Station is deployed in the control room of the main theatre. FreeSpeak Edge transceivers are positioned with the main theatre to leverage reflection to propagate the audio signal of the theatre’s walls and ceiling. The smaller second theatre and Blackbox are supported with HelixNet beltpacks and speaker stations in desktop mounts. The dressing room speaker boxes tie back to the Central Station with 2-wire connections. Dante speakers, mics and a console provide additional communication points into the system for a comprehensive intercom system.



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